Monday, May 12, 2008

Motivation - 7 Tips To Keep Your Motivation Fire Burning!

Motivation is an essential part of everything we do ... it governs whether or not we will successfully achieve our goals and dreams throughout life.

Motivation is our desire or level of energy to do something. Our motivation comes from within us, it is our drive based on our desire to achieve something, to do something, or to become something. Motivation also comes from outside us e.g. other people, events, actions of others.

Motivation isn't a constant -- it's normal to experience fluctuations in our motivation level at different times... sometimes our motivation is strong and at other times it's hard to find!

When our motivation is strong, we complete tasks easily, successfully achieve our goals... we feel more positive about ourselves and what we are doing. Everything feels good.

When we struggle to find our motivation, things become more difficult... tasks take longer to complete, we find ourselves easily procrastinating, our confidence and self belief takes a hammering... our energy and vibration levels are low!

Although we can be motivated by others or external events, it is the motivation that comes with in us that really makes the difference in being successful.

There are many things we can do to keep our motivation going... to give ourselves a much-needed boost... to keep our motivational fire from going out:

  • set a goal that's important and meaningful for you... a goal that will improve your life... a goal that excites you just thinking about it. Outline the necessary steps you need to take to achieve your goal and keep on that path! The more detailed your goal, the easier it is to keep motivated and on track

  • if your motivation has taken a vacation, you feel lethargic and unable to get anything done, you are aware you're procrastinating... set yourself a time limit to achieve something, to do something and stick with it until you have it completed. Make this a short time period e.g. 10 minutes, and stick with that task for the entire time. It's important to set small time periods for yourself when experiencing low motivation

  • read motivating books -- read autobiographies of people you admire, look up to, people who have succeeded in some area of life. There are many motivational writers and motivational books are easily found on the net, library or bookshops

  • listen to motivating audios -- Some of my favourites include: Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield... download your favourites onto your IPod or burn a CD... and listen to them in the car while you're driving, doing exercises, while you're waiting on queues or for appointments... any time you have spare, play your motivational audio!

  • write out a whole lot of motivational quotes... and put them throughout your home, workplace, and on your computer. When you find your motivation is low, read the quotes

  • mix and socialise with people who themselves are motivated. It's important to surround yourself with people you find motivating... when you do, your energy and vibrational level increases and this gives you the extra charge you need to achieve what you desire

  • learn more information or new skills on subjects that inspire you -- when you learn more about subjects you find enjoyable and inspiring, your motivation increases and you become more confident and self-reliant

Do you have difficulties at times getting motivated?

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