Saturday, November 25, 2006

Anger - 7 Steps For Melting Anger On The Spot

Article by Brenda Shoshanna

Anger is a lethal force that undermines our lives in all kinds of ways. Sometimes it erupts openly and other times anger camouflages it and covertly undermines your life. Some experience anger as strength and power. They feel it is necessary in order to maintain control. Others assume they have the right to express anger towards those in their lives. These are some of the lies anger tells us. In fact, when we are angry we are out of control and our ability to respond wisely is diminished.

Building Self Confidence

 Article by Ken Austin

Very few people are as confident in their abilities as they should be, and because of this, the need to build self confidence exists with each of us. The need to build self-confidence cannot be minimized for it is the cement that binds each of us as an individual person. If we do not have self confidence, we cannot believe enough in ourselves to attempt even the most menial task.

Anger - Top Ten Ways of Moving Through

Article  by Johanna Vanderpol

Our culture makes anger a dirty word. Yet, it is an emotion that deserves attention. Because it has not received the proper attention, it is responsible for coming out "all wrong" and come out it will. The way to manage anger is by recognizing it as a valid emotion with a purpose. Next time you are angry, look at it as a form of information that has a message for you. Determine the message and act in a way that satisfies the message with self-respect and respect for others.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Using Self Motivation Techniques To Keep Your Goals In Focus

by Elaine Currie
Self motivation is essential to success but sometimes it is difficult to
maintain. If our self motivation lapses, it is a struggle to restore
it. To avoid this unnecessary struggle, we can use tricks and rewards
to maintain the positive mental attitude that will enable us to forge
ahead towards our goals.

Saturday, November 4, 2006

Anger - Learn How to Control in Relationship

Article by John Doestsch

Can you recall what anger in a relationship feels like? Anger is a learned reaction to something negative in a situation, often referred to as a trigger. It’s best described as an unbridled horse. For instance, if you do not take control, it is likely to control you.

I would like you to think about what provokes your anger. Make a list of your specific anger triggers. Now, look at your list and think of additional ways to help deal with stressful situations. This simple exercise will help you to recognize and then admit to your anger.

Motivation - The Energy Behind Action

by Sacha Tarkovsky

Many people think motivation is just an emotion, or a thought. Its not! Motivation is the energy behind action. No motivation and your actions are empty; without substance. However, if you add motivation to your actions, they become powerful and effective. Motivation is the sister of intent, and together, they make us effective or ineffective people.