Saturday, April 11, 2009

Develope Positive Mental Attitude

I have just finished reading Napoleon Hill's book, You can work your own Miracles. Written in 1971, this book is the foundation for many of the modern personal development practitioners thinking. Not as well known as his best seller, Think and Grow Rich, nontheless it has great messages within.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stopping Negative Thoughts - 3 Steps to Blocking Out the Negative and Bringing in the Positive

The human mind contains a lot of unexploited territory. Most people have heard that we only utilize a small percentage of our brain's potential. It is true that for all our aspirations and abilities, we often talk ourselves out of our great ideas, convincing ourselves that things are impossible, we aren't good enough, or that things will never work. The fact is, when we allow ourselves to think in possibilities and dream big, we have enormous potential to achieve beyond our wildest dreams. Here are 3 steps to blocking out the negative thinking that cripples us, and create the space needed to embrace the positive and allow this energy to draw bigger and better things into our lives:

Are You a Negative Thinking Addict?

If you are a negative thinker it's likely that you believe there is some payoff for you to be one. Such a belief often keeps you stuck in a never ending pattern of suffering. So what is the payoff, if any?