Saturday, April 11, 2009

Develope Positive Mental Attitude

I have just finished reading Napoleon Hill's book, You can work your own Miracles. Written in 1971, this book is the foundation for many of the modern personal development practitioners thinking. Not as well known as his best seller, Think and Grow Rich, nontheless it has great messages within.

His philosophy on PMA is built around the following factors;

1. Have a burning desire for the attainment of a definite purpose.
2. Condition the mind to automatically choose to carry out definite positive objectives.
3. Having close association with people who inspire and actively engage in positive goals.
4. By constant auto-suggestion (affirmations) that reinforce positive directives.
5. By recognising our ability to control our thoughts.

He hightlights figures from the past who overcame major obstacles to achieve their goals and dreams. People such as;

Thomas Edison who had over 1000 failures before perfecting the electric light.
Ghandi who with passive resistance freed a nation from Colonial rule.
Helen Keller who overcame being blind & deaf to teach herself to communicate.

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All these and many others have one thing in common. Belief.
For it is belief in oursleves, our dreams and our future that builds the roadway to success in whatever endeavour we undertake.

First and foremost is belief in ourselves.

How can we have happy relationships if we dont belief we are worthy of happiness?
How can we gain great wealth if we dont believe we deserve financial independence?
How can we contribute to our community if we dont believe we are of value to others?
How can we attain any goal if we dont believe we can?

Take a look at your current circumstances and determine if anything is lacking. Do you believe it can change for the better. That you can change the way things are.

If you dont believe your circumstances can change then they wont.

I have a sign above my office do that has one word on it; BELIEF

I know nothing will change in my world unless I have uncondtional belief in my ability to acheive my goals and dreams.

B Better
E Enthusiastic
L Loving
I Inspired
E Energetic
F Focussed

Article by - Mick Reid
Personal Development coach, author and radio host.
Each week our show interviews people with positive Life messages and relate inspiring stories.

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