Monday, March 3, 2008

Can Journaling Help Self Acceptance?

Journaling can be extremely helpful in the goal of improving yourself and finding happiness. Gaining and maintaining self acceptance is a process in self improvement that requires effort in many cases. You can tap into a very valuable resource that is perfectly designed to help you gain access to the necessary tools to help you love yourself unconditionally. A primary step in the process is to keep a journal. There are countless benefits to using this time-tested approach.

Self concept is a very powerful thing, especially considering that it is rooted in thought. Once you begin to think about yourself realistically and lovingly, you begin your journey to self acceptance and unconditional love. The similarities between the terms journal and journey are no mistake. They are deeply intertwined and this journey will lead to self improvement on many levels.

male smilingDiscovering Yourself Through Journaling

The journey to self discovery is an ongoing process, just as the practice of keeping a journal is. This brilliant tool is ideal for shaping your self concept and it allows you to grow along the way. Ironically, part of the growth is regression to an earlier stage of life.

Unlearning Negative Thought Processes

Writing in a journal is a tool to helping you as an individual reach an earlier stage of development. There was a time when you were not self conscious; when there were no conditions placed on love. Self esteem was an integral part of your being. As you matured, you learned to place restrictions on your acceptance based of preconceived notions of right and wrong.

The process of writing helps you see yourself objectively through the logical workings of the left side of the brain. As you write, your mind frees the right portion of the brain to form creative elements into your thought processes. The journey is one that incorporates the power of both hemispheres.

The task of unlearning negative thoughts is much easier when you have the vast resource of the mind. Self concept is rooted in thought. In order to embrace the self with unconditional love, it is necessary to take control of the inner workings of the mind. There are many factors at work when you delve into self acceptance though journaling.

Focus on Growth, Not Change

The first step in journal writing is to write without the burden of the inner editor. Write freely keeping in mind that the journal is a process, a journey. There are no restrictions and no mistakes. The pages are open for you to fill with your own precious thoughts. The primary goal of the activity is to develop a new perception, not to change.

The only change necessary in keeping your journal is the way that you treat yourself through your thought processes. Letting go of negative self concept, irrational beliefs and poor esteem does not happen overnight. Journaling is a magnificent journey that leads to acceptance and growth, allowing you to embrace yourself instead of working against your personality in an effort to change.

By Bruno Logreco.

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