Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Journaling Your Way to Stress Reduction

Journaling can take problems you have and help you find ways to create solutions in your life. You can also gain a lot of experience viewing your life as an outsider when you read your journal entries after you've had time to digest problems or circumstances in your life. Writing unleashes creativity and can help you tap into your self, your goals and your wants.Journaling also helps you tap into your inner wants and desires. Writing can help you to take yourself from a scattered state of mind to one of reflection and goal setting. You can also use it to let go of negative emotions in your life. Unload all of the inner turmoil you feel onto paper or a screen and feel better about you.

The Benefits of Journaling

Journaling as part of your daily schedule can unleash powerful productivity in you. It will make you more confident, less stressed, and more levelheaded. When writing down your problems, thoughts, and feelings you are giving your mind a chance to process everything you have taken in throughout the day. Whether you use the journal when you awake to plan your day or use it at the end of the day to digest and plan for tomorrow (or both), you'll find a connection and strengthening with your inner self.

Stress Reduction and Journaling

Think of your mind like a sponge. You start to fill the sponge full of thoughts you have about others, yourself, and what you do during the day. Then add in past troubles that you have a difficult time letting go. Top it off with all the things you would love to do in the future and your sponge becomes full and has trouble absorbing anything else.

There's no room, is there? You can begin to feel helpless and hopeless.

Writing down thoughts, past troubles and plans can help empty your mental sponge. You can put your past onto paper and keep them there. You can find positive or happy moments; you can reflect on errors and see difficult situations through fresh eyes.

In terms of goal setting, journaling is very helpful and can help you feel accountable to your goals and dreams. Future goals do not seem so daunting if you write a detailed list of exactly what you want to accomplish. Writing the goal down can easily lead to your writing down the plan so you can come to discover just how to accomplish your goals. Many therapists and life coaches use journaling as a valuable and powerful tool to help patients and clients.

Journaling helps you with stress reduction for all the above reasons and just because we are often so accustomed to hanging onto our stress and bottling it. Putting it down in words allows you to release it so you can focus on something positive. Taking everything out of your mind and feeding it back in slowly with journaling and reviewing your journal is one of the best ways to reduce your stress and do effective problem solving and goal setting. You will be amazed at how freeing it is to journal and how much better you will feel both mentally and physically.

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