Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stopping Negative Thoughts - 3 Steps to Blocking Out the Negative and Bringing in the Positive

The human mind contains a lot of unexploited territory. Most people have heard that we only utilize a small percentage of our brain's potential. It is true that for all our aspirations and abilities, we often talk ourselves out of our great ideas, convincing ourselves that things are impossible, we aren't good enough, or that things will never work. The fact is, when we allow ourselves to think in possibilities and dream big, we have enormous potential to achieve beyond our wildest dreams. Here are 3 steps to blocking out the negative thinking that cripples us, and create the space needed to embrace the positive and allow this energy to draw bigger and better things into our lives:

1. Take good care of yourself physically, in addition to mentally. The mind and body are closely linked, and the health of your body supports the health of your mind and emotions. Eat good, healthy foods, take vitamins and supplements as needed (a good start for most people is a food based multivitamin and omega 3 rich fish oil, for improved brain health). Implement a doctor approved exercise routine to really elevate your mood and send yourself the message that you are worth the effort of caring for yourself.

man at window2. Release feelings of anger and negativity. First, allow yourself the full feeling of the anger or other negative emotion. Next, make a conscious choice that you are going to release this negative energy and move forward toward the positive for yourself 00 because you deserve happiness, joy, and peace in your heart. Then, accept the belief that you are exactly where you are meant to be, right at this very moment, exactly as you are. If you are angry with someone, imagine that they did the best with whatever (perhaps limited) tools they had to work with. Visualize releasing the person you are angry with, or the negative feelings, in to the Universe, and that you are free of being responsible for them. Begin to consider the possible benefits to the experience you have had thus far. What have you learned, and what do you now have to give that you didn't before?

3. If negative thoughts become obsessive, try imagining a big red "X" through the image of the thought, and say "Cancel" out loud. Begin daydreaming and imagining in full detail what it will be like to achieve the goals you desire. Think about how it will taste, smell, feel, look and sound to have that in your life. You will find your motivation to work toward these goals increases, and they begin to come to pass.

Article by - Shannon Cook is a personal coach and resource guide who has written a number of informative articles and ebooks on the topic of toxic relationships and holistic personal growth, including physical, emotional and relationship health.

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