Saturday, November 25, 2006

Building Self Confidence

 Article by Ken Austin

Very few people are as confident in their abilities as they should be, and because of this, the need to build self confidence exists with each of us. The need to build self-confidence cannot be minimized for it is the cement that binds each of us as an individual person. If we do not have self confidence, we cannot believe enough in ourselves to attempt even the most menial task.

2 guysIn developing self confidence, a person needs to identify those skills with which he is proficient or better in order to build upon those skills. The importance of developing self-confidence through skills in which you are already proficient is prevent the potential frustration that accompanies learning or becoming proficient in a skill in which you are weak. Doing that would create the potential for decreased self confidence if you should choose a skill in which you do not possess the ability to learn the skill quickly and proficiently. To be successful in your quest to build self confidence, you need to choose something that will do that and save the other skills for later.

Developing self confidence is not an overnight process, but it is without a doubt one that is important to your well-being. Without self confidence, you will have difficulties in school, work, and life as an entirety. The analogy to this most of us learned is that if you don’t have confidence in yourself, no one else will. For example, if you are applying for a job, and the recruiter asks you why they should hire you above anyone else, you need confidence in yourself to answer that with pride and dignity.

None of us is proficient in every aspect or life, business or school, but we build on those in which we have the most proficiency. So what if you can’t do calculus – maybe you are excellent in statistical mathematics. You want to begin developing self confidence in that skill by recognizing that you have the knowledge and expertise that it takes to learn it completely and apply it to your schoolwork or job schedule. Stop looking at the skills in which you lack proficiency and build on those you do well, and you will soon have the self confidence you need in order to succeed in life and career.

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