Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fear of Rejection - What is it?

Fear of rejection is something most of us have experienced at some point in our life.

It affects a person's thoughts, feelings and actions. Although we all experience fear of rejection to a certain degree, for some it has become a problem and has major implications in every aspect of their life.

This affects how a person feels about him or herself, the way they view their life, the way they treat others, and the way they react to situations and events.

Fear of rejection can develop from:

• negative childhood experiences e.g. being abandoned as a young child

• never fitting in to groups especially at school

• always being last to be chosen for team games or sports

• being very shy

• having been adopted or placed in foster care early in life

For those whose fear of rejection has become a major problem, tend to:

• lack confidence and have a low self esteem

• think they are not good enough

• believe everyone judges them

• blow things out of proportion... a simple misunderstanding can become a major drama

• read too much into a situation... making it difficult for people around them to act naturally

• be reluctant in approaching people, or asking for assistance and help

• be "clingy" with the people in their lives. This can become overpowering and result in major relationship problems

• reject others who want to become a friend -- they are usually convinced they will inevitably be rejected by others, so they do it to others before others get a chance to do it to them

• be reluctant taking up new opportunities

Much can be done to eliminate a fear of rejection and reduce its impact... which is good news not only for the person who has a fear of rejection but also for the people around him or her!

Strengthening your confidence is a positive step in eliminating fear of rejection!

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