Saturday, May 3, 2008

What does happiness mean for you

The desire to be happy is a universal part of human nature. It is a fact, though, that there are nearly as many definitions for the word "happiness" as there are human beings on this planet. Every person has his or her own unique definition of what happiness means; this is because each person has his or her own unique desires, wishes, thoughts, emotions and dreams.

smile If the definition of happiness is as individual as the desire for it is universal, how can you hope or attempt to attain it? While this may seem to be the logical question, you may be relieved to hear that it is not impossible -- for that matter, it is not nearly as difficult as you may think.

You want to be happy. You want your life to be brimming with happiness -- to enjoy, and to share with others. The first thing which you must do in order to make happiness a part of your everyday life and a part of your future is to decide what it means to you. If you "compare notes" with your friends, or even with your family members, you may go off track, and you may be quite disappointed. As they, too, are individuals, you cannot reasonably expect them to describe happiness in precisely the same manner as you do for yourself. When you are planning to make happiness a part of your life, putting the focus on your own definition first is essential. After all, it is quite impossible to attain something if you are uncertain as to what it is that you wish to attain.

There are three basic approaches to the subject happiness. Some people have an external approach. To these people, the existence or absence of happiness is primarily determined by what they have, what they do, what they accomplish. They find the prospect of a nice family vacation, a new job promotion or opportunity, or similar types of external factors to be Happiness. Others take an internal approach. For them, the highest and best state of happiness involves a true sense of inner-peace, contentment, and general well-being. Still others take the approach that true happiness is about acceptance -- that everything is fine exactly as it is. Individual personality traits account for differences in happiness styles -- and knowing what happiness means to you is the surest way that you can attain it.

When you know what happiness means to you, you can then proceed toward it by beginning to remove the obstacles. Whether a new home is your fondest desire, whether you wish to have a sense of contentment in your everyday life, or whether you feel that you are relatively happy with yourself and your life but simply need to be sure that you are on the right track, happiness does not need to be a far-off goal that you may or may not reach someday -- it is something that is very close to your reach right now. Decide what happiness means to you -- and what you reach for will be within your grasp!

Article by - Andrea R. Lucas is the leading expert in the area of Life-Scripts, the blueprints by which we all live our lives. She is the founder of the DYSALA Method, which identifies the seven steps necessary to change a negative Life-Script to a positive one, and to live the life of happiness and abundance you have always wanted. Andrea is the author of "7 Steps To Personal Fulfillment" and numerous articles on this fascinating subject.


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  1. I enjoyed the article by Andrea. I do agree that happiness is different for all of us, just like sadness. For me it is from inside, it is a warmth. If I had to put a picture to it, it would be the beach on a summers day, the sound of the waves and the warmth off the water.