Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ways to Stop Procrastinating

I have heard people say that procrastination is like the death of our soul. That seems very dramatic but if you are a procrastinator you probably see that much of the statement rings true. When you go through life by constantly putting things off you will see that the quality of your life in many ways decreases. This is not the way that you want to live. So how can you stop procrastination? This article will give you some suggestions to do just that as well as show you where you can get more information.

To stop procrastinating we must first understand why it is that people procrastinate. As you might guess there are many different causes. A common cause is actually fear. Many people are afraid of failing. To be honest there are just as many people who are afraid of success. Completely changing your lifestyle is not as easy as the Beverly Hillbillies make it look on TV. Procrastination can also be cause by how we deal with time management. People end up procrastinating because they project how long it will take to do something and then continue to put it off because they never feel like they have enough time or they think it won't take that long to do so they can get to it later. In the end it never gets done.

So those are some reasons we act the way we do but how do we stop it. The time management one is the easiest one to help. You need to make a schedule. In the schedule provide yourself with a certain timeline for completing a project. This may even include breaking down a large project into smaller steps that you complete over time. If you do not complete a project in the time you have scheduled for it move on to the next and schedule to complete the first project at another time. If you have a schedule written out in front of you will complete what is on it just like you follow the schedule that you are provided at work. It is hard to ignore something once it is put down in writing.

Next we have the fear reason. This one is a lot harder to overcome then the time management reason. One way to deal with this is to imagine the worst possible outcome that could happen if you take action. Most of the time you will see that the worst possible action you can achieve from taking action is still far better then if you do nothing at all. This is a matter of putting everything into perspective and can be very helpful in getting you over your fear and help you to get things done.

Below you will find a review of a great resource that will make you stop procrastinating quickly and easily. I urge you to read it.

Do not let procrastination kill your soul. Take action right now.

Article by - Tim Roberts

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