Saturday, March 14, 2009

It is Time to Grow

How many years has it been since you last made a dream turn into reality? If you haven't yet begun, don't you think it's time to grow again? Here are a few questions you should be asking yourself right now.

The not so common understanding is that there is many stages we go through in life and each one has a dominant theme or highlight. This is not to say, however, that we don't experience different highs and lows throughout but some of these pinnacles are deeply embedded within one time frame.

Many, unfortunately, assume that once they reach a certain point in time be that in a career, relationship, or growth there is nothing further to be done, gained, or sought after. For example, once you have reached that sought after relationship, is there no more to be concerned about, worked at, or nourished? Not so. The last thing you want to do is nothing; that is to mean you make the erroneous assumption that your relationship will stay true and complete without any continuous effort.

Another example pertains to your job or career. If you have been successful in attaining the job you wanted when you left school, what have you done recently to ensure you are still offer continuing value to your employer? Have you taken any courses on your own time and at your own cost so that you can be seen to contribute more to your work? Or, have you simply gone to work each day doing the same old routine, performing with the same old attitude without demonstrating that your worth has improved? In this uncertain economic times nothing is for certain and that includes your job so why would you not develop further skills in order to be ready for a new opportunity?

If you are the type of individual who constantly complains about the lack of opportunity, the lack of being recognized, or the one who is constantly passed over for promotion, have you ever asked yourself the question whether it is more your fault than that of your employer? Don't you think it is worth exploring to see if it your lack of continuing to develop skills outside of courses your employer sends you on? Take a much closer look at yourself with stark honesty.

In the light of dawn, it is those who continue to set new heights to reach, to set new objectives to reach without being told to so, and it is those that prepare themselves by constantly challenging their inner self to grow that are of real value to themselves and to those around them.

To express achievement, the use of graduation mottos is a useful measure to excite new graduates. Graduation from a variety of schools including public, junior high, middle, college, university, trade, or acting and every other type of graduation always brings with it . . .

Article by - Byron Pulsifer

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