Thursday, November 18, 2010

Confidence: Unleashing Your Passion

You don't always choose to live life in a high state of passion or excitation, but you do want to be able to access your passion at will, especially during those times when you need to passionate to achieve the results you want. Passion is your key to intensity.

Discovering your passionate self

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Take a few moments and think about the last time your heart ached for something. Did you find the energy it brought you empowering? Did you achieve the outcome you felt so passionate about? Could you have achieved this outcome without the passion?

If you are committed to confident living and to getting as much as you can from each day, passion is an essential emotion in your toolbox. With passion in your armoury you can take on bigger challenges and achieve greater results in the world.

However while part of you will long for access to the more vital and passionate parts of your nature, another part of you will be wary of living without thus holding you back. You are probably afraid of not looking good, making mistakes, of being embarrassed by trying too hard and falling flat on your face, and so you hold back to avoid such embarrassment.

Holding back then becomes a habit and avoiding embarrassment becomes self-defeating as you lose access to the power of your passion. Even worse, the bottled up emotion you are either avoiding or denying has a nasty tendency to bite you back in the form of physical illness or even mental breakdown.

It is better by far to take on this rich opportunity to extend your emotional range and embrace passion as one of your most powerful expressions of your being in the world.

Passion is an emotional intensity; it's a charged up version of excitement; it is supercharged motivation. It is a tremendous force that can meet almost any challenge head on. It is natures way of giving you the power you need to achieve an outcome you care deeply about. You can't do without it, so it is worth your time to understand your passionate side and find out how to use it

Becoming more passionate

You have the same capacity to for passion as any other group of people noted for their passion such as artists, actors or athletes. What you will also most likely have is a series of blockages that stifle your natural passion for living and make it difficult to unleash your most passionate self to the world.

To let your passion flow you need to unblock yourself by opening up your heart to counter the voices I your head that tell you what you should be doing. What this means in practice is you need to get present toy our ends values, your feelings that you want most in your life, and start to give them the priority they deserve.

Remember nothing is more important to you right now than the way you feel. How you feel dictates the meaning you make of the things happening to you and determines what you do about them.

The feelings you want most in your life can be a guide to what is most appropriate for you. As long as you act in accordance with your true feelings, you can begin to unblock and release your passion.

Article by By John M O'Driscoll Platinum Quality Author

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