Friday, November 21, 2008

How to Achieve Your Goals with a Positive Mental Attitude

Happiness is something we all want. Good times with friends, and close relationships are the things that make us feel complete as people. But in these present times there are many distractions that leave us feeling overwhelmed and that we don't have full control in our life's situation. It seems that we always have to trade one priority for another to accomplish our daily tasks.

In the meantime, our relationships with the ones we love may suffer. Oddly enough, the solution to bringing more happiness into our lives may begin with how we deal with our own perception of ourselves.

To put this in its proper perspective, a positive mental attitude begins with the things that we tell ourselves on a subconscious level. In other words, how a man thinketh is how he will become.

There are many things that will distract us from being successful and happy with ourselves. Sometimes we think in our minds that we are somehow lacking in a certain capacity, or that a task is virtually impossible to complete because of circumstances beyond our control.

This is only a preformed attitude that we have developed by negative self talk. We have almost "programmed ourselves" into believing the worst possible outcome. It is this defeatist attitude that will perpetuate the cycle of failure every time we attempt to accomplish our goals.

To change the outcome of our situation we must "reprogram" our minds at the subconscious level with thoughts of a positive nature. Then when distractions and negative input comes along from other people, you have to learn to immediately discard them.

Simply let the "garbage in" and then "throw the garbage back out" of your mind. This will let you focus on the positive thoughts that you have placed in your subconscious mind. The result is a clearer perspective of your opportunities for success and the attainment of your goals. The trick here is to keep feeding your mind positive thoughts.

Here are 5 ways to promote your positive mental attitude:

1. Visualize yourself doing exactly what you want to accomplish in your own mind. Practice makes perfect. This is true of mental visualization of the accomplishment of your goal too. Imagine yourself doing what you want to accomplish and walk yourself through the steps necessary to achieve it in your mind.

2. Repeat this mental exercise over and over until it becomes a reality in your mind. Then the actual accomplishment of this goal will be easy to make happen in your life.

3. Write down your goals on paper. This way you will not forget them. And by reading your goals back to yourself every night before retiring, your subconscious mind will work overnight to bring about positive change for the next day.

4. Your subconscious mind can only react to the thoughts that you give it. To bring yourself success, you have to keep feeding your subconscious mind with positive instructions about what you want it to do for you. This technique will put your success on autopilot!

5. Build your happiness by sharing your successes with others. It is very true that when you give something positive to others that your own positive self esteem grows. By thinking positive and sharing those positive thoughts and feelings your life will grow stronger in that direction.

As you can see, we hold our destiny in our own hands. Our life does not have to be determined by distractions and other negative influences. After all, you now know your potential can be used more effectively when you discard negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones.

The challenge of life is to produce love and happiness in the midst of all the daily pressures we encounter. It is easy to live the way you want to when you start to realize the power you have to change your own thoughts. Let today be the beginning of a happier and more productive life for yourself and your loved ones by developing your positive mental attitude.

Article by - Kevin Sinclair

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