Friday, August 29, 2008

Moving Forward With Your Life - Improving Confidence

"You were not born with self-confidence".

That is, self-confidence is not something innate - it can be taught, nurtured and built over the years, at any stage in life. By using the exercise below, you will prove just that! Let me share two other things with you...

confident man"Confidence is one of the main requirements to success, happiness and reaching your goals".

"Having enormous self-confidence is useful in just about every part of your life".

As you work through the exercise below, keep these three comments, highlighted above, in your mind. One of the most important aspects to confidence is feeling comfortable in your own ability to achieve something.

This exercise will help you improve your skills or abilities and in doing that you will automatically become more confident. Remember though, this is only the beginning. There's a lot more you can do to dramatically improve your confidence. But for now, let's crack on...

OK, now to your exercise...

  1. Make a list of all the areas in which you lack confidence

  2. Make a list of all the areas where you feel confident in yourself.

  3. Take your first list and for each thing you've written down, write down one way you can make it better. For instance, you may need to do some research, put in some extra practice, get some lessons, etc. These are your goals to help you improve. By improving your ability, you'll help your confidence grow.

  4. Next to each goal you've just written down, write down a target date for when you're going to start working towards achieving that goal.

  5. Now do the same for you second list. Just because you're confident in certain areas of your life, it doesn't mean you can't improve!

As I said before this is just a starter. Make sure you've set yourself realistic, but challenging targets for improving your abilities.

Review everything you've written down today on a weekly basis until you've completed your goals. It's at that point you'll see an improvement in your confidence.

Well done!

You've just taken the first steps to improving your confidence!

Look out for more confidence boosting Life Coaching articles coming very soon.

Article by Keith L. Jones is a Life Improvement Coach, Author and Internet Entrepreneur who helps people all over the world Create Incredible Success

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