Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Goal Setting and Positive Self-Talk - The Secret to Creating an Incredible Life For You!

It seems the average person has negative thoughts running through their mind almost 95% of the time! Wow! No wonder, so many people are fed up and underachieving!

So what's going through your mind? * Worries about money?

* Are you concerned about losing your job?

* Problems with your relationships?

* Trouble with your kids?

* Are you angry with someone or something?

Look, most of this happens within your unconscious mind. But the good news is...

* You can change the way you think

* You can train yourself to think positively

* You can remove all these negative and destructive thoughts.

To do so, all you have to do is keep your inner thoughts at one with your dreams and goals. Whenever you start to get negative thoughts, make a conscious effort to change them.

When you're in fear of failure, simply keep saying to yourself, "I will do it, I will succeed". Then, as you start to move forward, change it to, "I am doing it, I am succeeding". And that will soon change to "I've done it! I am a success!"

The more you say these words, the more they get forced into your subconscious mind, and all the negative thoughts will be pushed aside! This will increase your self-confidence and lower your fears.

It's so important that your inner conversations are positive and in line with your goals. Find words that work for you. If you have goals connected with finance, try things like, "I'm making millions!", or "I'm a money magnet, attracting millions of pounds (or dollars!)". If you're aiming for promotion at work, keep telling yourself, "I'm the best! Nobody else comes close!"

Just say and do what works for you. There's no magic phrase that fits all. Just find the ones for you!

You won't find a successful person who's full of doubts and worries. All successful people have very positive inner conversations and supreme confidence. Their inner dialogue is full of positive thoughts that build confidence and drive them towards their goals... and you can do exactly the same!

But it does take time, and effort! Get yourself a coach, read as many self-help books as you can get hold of, go to seminars, read articles, visualize yourself in successful situations, all the time, winning, being successful!

Feed your mind... continually!

Look, if you're physically unfit, you stop eating garbage and start exercising... right! Well, if your mind's unfit... stop feeding it garbage and start giving it nourishment... feed your mind with anything and everything that's positive.

Look for some role models, people you admire, people who've become huge successes. Read about them, watch them on TV, listen to them on audios, start to mirror their actions and thought patterns.

OK, here are two steps you can take right now to get yourself moving:

Step 1 - Use affirmations such as "I can do it!" Repeat this several times a day, especially when you first get up and last thing before you go to sleep. Repeat it about 20 times, several times a day.

Use affirmations that strike a chord with you. That way they're sure to work.

Step 2 - Stop feeding yourself rubbish - don't watch the news. Catch up every so often if you must, but avoid watching anything negative, especially late at night, just before you go to bed.

Refuse to read, discuss or watch negative and downright depressing things. Instead, feed yourself with positive things; buy books, read articles, watch TV that gives you a lift, get a great coach, and change your self-talk!

These simple changes to your life will make such a difference.

Go to it... and Create An Incredible Life... For You!

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Article By - Keith_L_Jones

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