Saturday, October 24, 2009

Anger Management Self Help - Learn to Control Your Anger Before it Controls You

Do you know how to deal with your anger in everyday situations? All of us get angry once in a while, it's a necessary emotion triggered by the human's "fight or flight" mechanism. Learning to cope with anger before it goes to far is extremely important for your mental and physical health. These health problems could include heart disease, stroke, or even

Anger doesn't always have to show itself in an all out rage that causes you to go off cussing and cursing. Sometimes it's the little irritations that can add up into bigger problems. That's why figuring out what triggers your anger is very important. For example, one of my triggers is crowds. I despise being in crowds and I hate people bumping into me all of the time. Over the years I have learned to avoid crowds as much as possible; I go to the mall during the day or on Sunday mornings and I stay away from big events. In the long run, this has helped me keep from becoming irritated which is one of the things that leads to my anger.

A good way to deal with your anger when you feel it coming on is to get away from the situation. After you walk away, take a deep breath and count to ten. The air will bring good energy into your body and when you breathe out, the bad energy will go with it. While you are away, you can think about if the problem was just a minor irritation that got out of hand or if you really need to confront the problem. If you feel you need to confront the issue, you will be able to get your game plan together as well.

Article by - BK Carter

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