Saturday, July 18, 2009

Are You Lost?

Do you wake up some mornings with no purpose or direction?

How is it, that at times in our lives we lose where we are and where we are going?

There is no end of 'experts' telling us to set goals, stay positive, repeat affirmations, create dream walls, read books and listen to audios of the Masters of Personal Development. Most of us follow these actions in one form or another.

So why do we fall into the black hole of self-doubt and lack of motivation?

choiceBecause we are Human!

Unless you hide in a cave with no human interaction, Life is full of light and shade, positive and negative, joy and sorrow.

Part of our journey is to experience all that Life has to offer. Sometimes we will be scarred by the encounter which can force us into our shells wary of venturing out again. Unfortunately for many, hurt and negativity can reside around them for too long regardless of their age, social status or gender. But Life also delivers the wonders of creation that surrounds us all. We are never cut off from theses wonders as our subconscious is a treasure trove of glittering images and sensations. Even when in a slump of negative emotions and thoughts, unlocking your memory to these gems will help fill your soul and heart with fire needed to move forward.

Acceptance of the circumstances we find ourselves in is a key to maintaining your balance. I don't mean submission if things are going wrong but accept what is and choose to act in a way to move on or learn from the experience. For as we make choices we become more empowered. Some will be the wrong choice but we have acted. We have planted the seed in our subconscious that grows into a vine strangling the weeds of doubt and negativity.

When you are lost, access something that will stimulate an inner glow. Whether that is a picture of a loved one, a certain piece of music, the love of a pet or the wonder of Nature. Feed your heart and soul. Accept that you are in a place that is only temporary and have faith in yourself to move on and find the spark to light your way again.

Regardless of our circumstances, there is one thing all of us have in common, the right to choose.

We can choose to be crushed, submit, give up or hack a way through the jungle that is in front of us. Sometimes we have to accept the direction we are going has too many obstacles so we need to cut a new path.

It is our choice.

Hanging onto baggage from the past with labels attached that blame others for your circumstances is not only avoiding responsibility for your choices but will create hurdles that will continue to trip you up. How can you move in the direction of your goals and dreams when you are looking in the rear view mirror?

Sometimes things happen which are out of your control. But how did you react to the event? For it is how we events affecting us determine the outcome.

Not the event. Your choices.

It wasn't the government, your neighbors, the boss or the weather, it was you.

Acceptance of the results from the choices you made will help you grow and cope with further challenges that may come your way.

We all make lousy choices through life but that is just being human. Recognize the mistake and change it by changing how you react to it.

If you are dissatisfied with your life, then make a decision to change your circumstance. It may take days or even years but make a choice!

The very fact you make a decision to change empowers you to achieve more.

Build your toolkit of empowering 'things' to draw on when the road gets overgrown and the light dims. For there is nothing surer, Life will throw up challenges that you can't anticipate so build that suit of armour to survive whatever battles lay ahead.

There is one thing you can guarantee, the more you act the more you will grow. The more you grow the easier it will be to achieve your dreams.

The choice is yours.

Article by - Mick Reid

Personal Development coach, author and radio host.

Each week our show interviews people with positive Life messages and relate inspiring stories.

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