Saturday, April 5, 2008

Motivational Makeover

So often, we see individuals on television receiving a free makeover from a talk show host or a panel of celebrity "fashion police" on a reality show. The participants are absolutely elated with their new clothes, new hairstyle, and fresh new look. Their faces beam at the idea of becoming a new person - shedding off the old and taking on a new, different persona, like a snake shedding its skin. The transformation is sometimes drastic and commonly for the better.

Would it not be equally energizing and advantageous if we were able to give our personalities, attitudes, and thoughts a motivational makeover? We should not only want to look our best, but also feel our best and have the best of ourselves on display for the entire world to observe.

We can begin our internal renovation by making use of free motivational wallpapers in our workspace and personal desktops. Our senses and emotions are immediately heightened by these motivational wallpaper backgrounds. These jewels of photography and inspirational quotes can jar our outlook and attitudes. Our minds are excited into new thought processes, and our personalities have only to follow.

Motivational wallpaper backgrounds possess quotes created to incite a person to action. The presented imagery highlights hope, change for the better, success, and wisdom - all of the things necessary to makeover an individual's psyche. Real, lasting change can only come about if it derives from within and makes it way outward. These free and awe inspiring wallpapers help to boost an individual's self-perception, elevate progress, and add to endless possibilities. And as a result, positive energy emanates through their facial expressions, body language, verbal communication, actions, and outer appearance.

Free motivational wallpapers are tremendously engaging. The nature photographs generate a calming sensation and allow one to reflect on the words, which seem to speak directly to us. In addition, they permit us a moment to think about how the quotes apply to their personal and work life. The spirit is uplifted, and the mind and body are spurred into doing. No longer does the person want to sit in one place - in a state of complacency. The comfort of procrastination and stagnation are replaced by new momentum and direction.

Motivation is a powerful tool. If we can study and accept the benefits from its impact on our lives, we can undoubtedly attain a great deal from our personal relationships, our place of work, and ourselves. We live in a society that focuses greatly on aesthetics and pours millions of dollars into the cosmetic, medical, and fashion industries in order to look a certain way. We are frequently bombarded with "what's in" and the latest fads and trends. With so much being hurled our way to make us prettier, leaner, or more glamorous, we should not lose sight of the most important enhancement - our attitudes and characters.

By enriching our personalities with motivation, our inner and outer selves will receive the makeover they deserve, and our overall physical and emotional qualities will greatly improve.

Article by - Ronnie Nijmeh is an accomplished author, speaker and coach. He is the president and founder of, an inspirational website with free wallpapers with inspirational quotes, positive affirmations, motivational articles and much more. Learn more about ACQYR's free motivational wallpaper downloads.

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