Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Breaking Through the Barriers

By Maria Boomhower

You've tried everything, you've listen to the experts, in frustration you shout out, "Why can't I seem to figure this out?" This can be stated for many areas in life, whether you are working on health, finances, business, improved communication skills or relationships. Quite often when we start out on the path to change one or more areas of our lives, we hit stumbling blocks and set backs.

We've made promises to ourselves that this time it will be different, this time you'll keep your promise to yourself or your new years resolution. You start thinking, willpower, yes, I just need more will power. Then you start to feel the strain as you try to force your way through.

Sadly, if it was just willpower that was needed then many more people would be successful. Willpower is more like an elastic band, the more you force and stretch it, the tighter it gets, the harder it is to hold until it eventually snaps back or breaks.

Most causes of failure and relapse have more to do with habits and belief systems, many of which you are not even consciously aware of. You see science has shown that we have 6 areas of the brain, 5 of which are in your subconscious. So if your conscious brain wants to change and the rest of you doesn't due to a outdatedbelief, 5/6th's is much stronger than 1/6th.

This is why, so many of the experts tell you that to succeed you need to work on getting rid of your barriers, your self-sabotage due to outdated beliefs and habits.

There are different ways that are recommended.
    A few of them are:
  • Counseling

  • Therapy

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques

  • Positive Thinking

  • Flip Switching

  • Controlling your automatic negative thinking

  • Repetition of desires

  • Daily Focus on Goals

  • Belief Analysis

  • Coaches (in the areas that you are working on)

  • Subliminal Messages

  • Educating yourself - (In the areas you are working on, to give new information)

  • Binary Beats

Often people will need more than one. You are changing a lifetime of negative and destructive beliefs. The imporant thing to know is that you need to change the RAS reticular activating system in your brain and create new and productive neuron connections.

Your RAS system quickly points out to you, that which can help you the most in achieving your goals and desires. The benefits are that you attract the type and quality of life that you have been dreaming of. An example of how the RAS system works would be: You get a new car, suddenly you see them everywhere, yet you didn't notice them before.

I have studied and tried many of the areas above. One of the areas that I found to be most helpful was the binary beats for the brain. I found them to be relaxing and helped me to focus on what I was accomplishing. When you are in a more calm state of mind, you open yourself up to more possibilities. You discover solutions that you didn't notice before. However, when you are stressed, you literately close down your thinking cells and shut yourself off from succeeding.

Treat yourself to a better tomorrow. Breakthrough your barriers today and discover the possibilities within and before your.

Maria Boomhower is known as The Master Communicator. She has won awards for excellence in her field. Her background includes supervision, training, video productions, photo journalism and running sub-press centres. Maria also spent several years studying metaphysics and quantum theories, which enabled her to bring in the human aspects of communication and perceptions to assist people in overcoming their barriers. You can find out more at: http://www.falconfreedom.com


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